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Brad Pitt in Killing Them Softly.

Every damn frame is dripping with truth.

Fucking incredible film.

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The Whitest Kids U’ Know x

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You know you’re too old to be a rent boy. There’s not a big market for rent men.

- Mark | Peep Show
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How Long Does It Take to Read Popular Books?

Going by the average reading rate of most adults (300 words per minute), Personal Creations mocked up this infographic to put some of literature’s most popular works into perspective.

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Not sure if this is more encouraging or daunting, but it’s definitely interesting!

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Malcolm X on "Progress"

Always reblog Brother Malcolm

"They won’t even admit the knife is there."

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Corinne Clery / The Story Of O 1975

Everyone should see the creature that is Udo Kier in this movie. I really don’t know what he is, but he’s great in it.The movie, not so much. It’s way too 70s weird.But Udo Kier.


Corinne Clery / The Story Of O 1975

Everyone should see the creature that is Udo Kier in this movie. I really don’t know what he is, but he’s great in it.

The movie, not so much. It’s way too 70s weird.

But Udo Kier.

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She: Okay, let’s forget what you said about Sarah Palin. What you said about women in the atheist community was totally denigrating to women and irresponsible. Women can think just as critically as men. And men can be just as nurturing as women.

Me: Of course they can! But if you think there are no differences, in the aggregate, between people who have Y chromosomes and people who don’t; if you think testosterone has no psychological effects on human minds in general; if you think we can’t say anything about the differences between two bell curves that describe whole populations of men and women, whether these differences come from biology or from culture, we’re not going to get very far in this conversation.

She: I’m not saying that women and men are the same.

Me: Okay, great. So I think you misunderstood the intent of what I was saying. I was just acknowledging that some differences in the general tendencies of men and women might explain why 84 percent of my followers on Twitter are men. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to get into this, because there are 200 people standing behind you in line patiently waiting to have their books signed.

She: You should just know that what you said was incredibly sexist and very damaging, and you should apologize.

Me: You really are determined to be offended, aren’t you? It’s like you have installed a tripwire in your mind, and you’re just waiting for people to cross it.

She: No. You’re just totally unaware of how sexist you are.




I know I’m flooding my dashboard with Sam Harris related posts, but I just got his new book and I’m sure that this stream of material in the internet is meant to coincide with its release.

Anyway, I’m posting that exchange because of how directly it seems to illustrate a very specific archetype of person. I had an exchange like this when I was sitting in a coffee shop. There were two hillbillies sitting roughly 10 feet away and spouting all sorts of ridiculous nonsense. One was wearing a confederate flag t-shirt. My girlfriend was across from me and I said something to the effect of “I’m getting tired of listening to these pieces of shit, maybe we should go.” Then, after a few minutes, they left.

As they left I said something about being glad those monkeys were gone and the girl at the table next to me mustered up all of her politically correct, fresh college student rage and “called me out”—as people of this ilk like to say—for “making fun of the handicapped.” I quickly told her that they were not medically retarded but have obviously chosen to be and that she mistook their stupidity and racism for an actual handicap. At which point my girlfriend—a former social worker, who worked directly with the developmentally disabled for many years—stepped in and told her the same thing in a nicer tone before I could begin berating her for being a complete moron. Then, when my girlfriend was finished, I told the girl to pay attention to what’s happening around her before she opens her mouth. My point is that I’ve learned there are people who, no matter what seems to be happening, are ready to stand up for “injustice” and it doesn’t matter at all if it’s real. And that these sorts of people are just as bad as their racist, sexist, ableist counterparts. These are people whose political views are comparable to favoring a football team and will side with those colors no matter what. These are the feminists who defend and romanticize Islam while decrying the fetishization of other cultures. These are the people who are completely okay with complaining about Christianity—westerners for which Christianity is the dominant religion in their countries—while making up terms like Islamophobia to condemn atheists simply because they’re white. Simply because siding with a white male makes then uncomfortable because they themselves happen to be white and desperately hope that no one notices. Because America is bad—and it is, for many, many, many reasons—and anyone who is on its side in any way must be evil. Believe it or not, I’m in favor of criminalizing public demonstrations by hate groups, and criminalizing public display of swastikas and the like—but that doesn’t mean we should suckle at the teat of people like Glenn Greenwald, people who believe that white and male and American automatically means Evil. And, yes, I really do believe that blind, always-rooting-for-my-team liberals are as bad as white supremacists.
As an atheist, I cannot help wondering when this scrim of pretense and delusion will be finally burned away—either by the clear light of reason or by a surfeit of horror meted out to innocents by the parties of God. Which will come first, flying cars and vacations to Mars, or a simple acknowledgment that beliefs guide behavior and that certain religious ideas—jihad, martyrdom, blasphemy, apostasy—reliably lead to oppression and murder? It may be true that no faith teaches people to massacre innocents exactly—but innocence, as the President surely knows, is in the eye of the beholder. Are apostates “innocent”? Blasphemers? Polytheists? Islam has the answer, and the answer is “no.”


Sam Harris on Obama saying that ISIS is “not Islamic”


It’s 2014 and we still can’t say anything bad about religion in this country. Even when the religion is responsible for beheading innocent people and killing children. The president still has to defend the source behind the violence.

I was nauseated when I heard that shit come out of his mouth.